Producer and business developer

We develop national and international projects with leading services for companies.


Development of creatives with audiovisual elements for advertisements. Management of advertising media and campaign measurement.

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Social Insights & Influencer

Socialization offers a unique opportunity for brands to relate to the world around them. Insights, influencers and big data are great solutions that you can now take advantage of.

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Digital Marketing & Ecommerce Consulting 

Technological implementation of the most advanced tools for each sector. Digital marketing consulting to develop personalized and effective strategies for each brand. Development and implementation of technologies for ecommerce. A team of experts who fight every day to get the best ROI for your company.

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Digitalization & Technology

Creation and custom development of automations for companies, robots, AI, monitoring panels, digitization of companies, etc.

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Big Data

Customized solutions to get the most useful and functional data. Data Driven and Machine Learning. All with the current legal compliance with European regulations on data protection.

Talent Management

We look for the best digital talents in the world. Youtubers, Bloggers, Instagrammers, content creators, artists, entrepreneurs, etc.

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Training for university students, professionals and managers in digital areas. Digital marketing, social media, analytics, etc.

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