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Digital Consulting - Innovation, big data and technology.

Wokiseo Digital's main premise is to use innovation, big data and technology to strengthen the core of business.

The new digital age, have given rise to new demands of the consumer, the businesses that better and faster to adapt will be able to generate a competitive advantage.

Areas of activity

  • Big Data
  • Analytics
  • Advance Digital Report
  • Digital photography and 3D
  • Virtual reality
  • Virtual Tours of houses
  • Digital Designs
  • Online payments
  • Document digitalization
  • Automation invoices
  • Automation processes
  • Data Protection

Our solutions


The strategic models of Wokiseo Digital help organizations to carry out the digital transformation of businesses in an organized and gradual manner so that the process is a success.

Digital transformation of companies.

The digital transformation of companies is being carried out gradually in the different sectors and sizes of companies. Some companies and institutions such as Zara, Amazon, Asos, government agencies, it is fundamental to have a digital infrastructure in their business within the main business model, it is practically innate in their model, it is part of them. But not only large companies are in this process of digital transformation, small and medium enterprises are seeing a good investment opportunity to digitally transform their business to make it more flexible, more efficient and more productive.

Operations Automation

The automation of operations by digital means is one of the most requested services since it reduces management times considerably. Virtually any business has repetitive tasks that can easily be automated by releasing much of a company's work. It can be something as simple as the digitization of invoices and documents, the creation of automatic invoices and their subsequent delivery or more complex systems for business analysis in real time.

Big Data

Big data is a great opportunity for all companies. Big data benefits companies and customers. The structured data and the new European requirements in data security protect in a more solid way the data of the people.

Ecommerce and business Intelligent

Sometimes it is complicated to manage and analyze all the available information of a business, either by its volume, accessibility or speed. For this we have a specialist in Business Intelligent team that is responsible for creating digital panels in your business to monitor in real time everything that is happening, so you can have all the information you need instantly.


If you are not sure if your company is ready to take the leap or if you want to evaluate new options, the audit team is responsible for carrying out an analysis and investigation of the different areas mentioned above to provide valuable information for decision making In the organization.


Preguntas Frencuentes

If we have a marketing team, can you help us?

Yes, it is a fairly normal case in large organizations that collaborate with specialized companies for specific issues, we do not replace, we add.

Is it only access for large companies?

No, but all must comply with the requirements of the organization. A prior audit and an analysis of the objectives and budget is carried out. Normally, companies with a tight budget tend to hire specific, strategic services that imply a significant change within the organization. For example, the digital transformation of a company in the areas mentioned above. Companies with a larger budget, on the other hand, seek more continuous services than managements and guarantee long-term performance.

About Us and What We Do?

Wokiseo invests and develops projects in the sectors of health, sports, travel, events, ecommerce, marketing, advertising, communication, education and leisure. We use creativity and technology to innovate and strengthen new forms of connection between brands and people.

We work with the latest technologies in advertising, digitalization, marketing, social media, influencers, big data, AI etc.
We accelerate consolidated companies and startups.


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