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We accompany clients in the definition and achievement of their objectives, guaranteeing the maximum involvement of our strategic consulting teams. We work to connect your strategic vision with measurable and quantifiable results in your daily operations.


What sectors do we work?

We specialize in the organization and investment of festivals and sporting events.


Our solutions



Wokiseo's strategic models help the most influential organizations around the world generate measurable results by making winning decisions on the most significant strategic issues.

Strategic consulting and operations, consulting in Ecommerce, marketing consulting, digital marketing consulting, social media consulting, consultancy campaigns with content creators (Influencers), sales consulting, digital advertising consulting in most advertising spaces of the world, consultancy in CRM, consulting in automation, consulting process efficiency, consulting in digital transformation, technology consulting, consultancy in training with equipment for new technologies.



We have a team specialized in the assembly and start-up of the event. Lighting, sound, security, engineering etc.



Thanks to the Human Resources team we have professionals of all kinds for the organization of the event.


Representation of Artists

The talent consulting team manages the representation and advice of artists from all over the world.


Ticket sales and management.

We help the promotion and management of tickets, thanks to our team specialized in digital consulting, strategic and operations for all types of events.


Service operations

Wokiseo's Service Operations help service companies achieve a competitive advantage at all levels of the business. We work closely with clients to link strategic vision to results. Ecommerce, Marketing, digital marketing, social media, content creators, sales, digital advertising in the majority of advertising spaces in the world, CRM, automation, process efficiency, digital transformation, technology, training of new technology equipment.


Supply chain

No matter how innovative your business strategy is and however well designed it is, if your operations are not up to the task, the strategy will never come true. The purpose of the Wokiseo Supply Chain practice is to generate value based on the strategy through advisory services that seek to optimize and improve the supply chain.



Any CFO that has carried out financial transformations knows that they are difficult and that they take a long time. They require careful planning, innumerable resources and, sometimes, they can be expensive. However, they are essential to keep finances up to date with the needs and strategies of the event, always changing

Frequent Asks

Is it necessary to organize it in advance?

Yes, for events with a considerable size, such as music festivals, sporting events, they are usually longer than 6 months. For projects of in-depth scope, it is usually sufficient 4 weeks in advance. Although we recommend always organize it as early as possible to avoid unforeseen events.

How long do we take to see results?

t depends a lot on the sector and the competition that exists. It is not the same to want to compete against Booking than to do it in a local business. But from our experience in local businesses and moderate competition between 3-6 months you can see the first results. It will depend a lot on the contracted service. If you want to position yourself and see faster results, the effort is greater and therefore the budget will be higher.

Sobre Nosotros y que Hacemos

Wokiseo invests and develops projects in the sectors of health, sports, travel, events, ecommerce, marketing, advertising, communication, education and leisure. We use creativity and technology to innovate and strengthen new forms of connection between brands and people.


We work with the latest technologies in advertising, digitalization, marketing, social media, influencers, big data, AI etc.

We accelerate consolidated companies and startups.


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Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.

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