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Aceleradora de Startups

We are a private accelerator, specialized in digital projects of any sector. We strive to do our bit to help emerging startups to go to the national or international market.


How does it work?

We take the company in its initial stage and we help in everything that revolves around the project. It could be in the configuration of your business model, your operational strategy, digital marketing, advertising, financing, HR, etc.


What are the differences between accelerators and incubators?

Main service incubators: The space

The first thing we have to differentiate between what is an accelerator and an incubator. Although the incubators can be very varied and offer different services, the main objective is to give a space to entrepreneurs with basic services so they can launch the project. They do not have to have business consulting, financial counseling, digital consulting and in general with any type of mentoring service.


What kind of companies do the incubators tend to host?

In addition, one of the characteristics of startups that are in incubators is their development phase. Which are usually companies in the early stages, which have just started.


Price of incubators?

They are usually prices or conditions more advantageous for the entrepreneur than an accelerator.


Main service accelerators: Strategic consulting

The accelerator in this process is looking to grow the company, that is, the company already has a minimum traction. He is able to get clients but needs a boost in the national market, international, optimization of the operations of the company, financing for growth etc.


What type of companies tend to host accelerators?

The characteristics of the startups that are in accelerators of companies have to have, as we have commented before, a minimum volume of sales that validate the idea. Which are usually companies with ideas already tested in the market.

Price of accelerators?

This section is very variable depending on the accelerator and the services offered, so it is best to ask each accelerator individually.


Why choose the Wokiseo accelerator?

Depending on the type of project and the services you expect, one accelerator may work better than another. In our case we are specialized in digital projects that want to launch to the national or international market. We have experts in digital areas, ecommerce, strategic consulting and operations and we have the latest technologies for digital business.


How can I apply to enter the accelerator?

The first thing we request is to fill in the registration form. It is advisable to put the most important data of the business, such as the services that are going to be requested a priori, although then our team will advise you in the other areas.


Our solutions

Investment and financing.

Collaborations with investors interested in the project as public and / or private entities interested in financing.

Consulting Strategy

The Wokiseo accelerator develops unique strategies for organizations around the world to generate measurable results by making winning decisions on the most significant strategic issues.

Operations Consulting

Wokiseo's Service Operations help service companies achieve a competitive advantage at all levels of the business. We work closely with clients to link strategic vision to results.

Digital Consulting

Wokiseo makes digital consultancy for companies available to emerging startups. Ecommerce solutions, artificial intelligence for digital businesses, big data, data driven, data protection, etc. You can expand the information of digital services in services - digital consulting.

Transformation of the business model

You have a vision for your business, but do you have the structure to make it a reality? The professionals of the Business Model Transformation line will help you to undertake the necessary changes in the operating business model in order to materialize the strategic vision.

Supply chain

No matter how innovative your business strategy is and however well designed it is, if your operations are not up to the task, the strategy will never come true. The purpose of the Wokiseo Supply Chain practice is to generate value based on the strategy through advisory services that seek to optimize and improve the supply chain.


Education programs in digital business areas for companies.

Fusions and acquisitions

Wokiseo advises institutional investors and private equity investors throughout the entire cycle of the M & A operation. Our comprehensive advisory services in merger, acquisition and divestment operations are customized to adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients.


Any CFO that has carried out financial transformations knows that they are difficult and that they take a long time. They require careful planning, innumerable resources and, sometimes, they can be expensive. However, they are essential to keep the finances up to date with the needs and business strategies, always changing.

Frequent Asks

Is it necessary to pass the selection process?

Yes, it is necessary to comply with all the requirements requested by the accelerator. It is important to request it in advance, since the annual places are limited.

How long do we take to see results?

It depends a lot on the sector and the competition that exists. It is not the same to want to compete against Booking than to do it in a local business. But from our experience in local businesses and moderate competition between 3-6 months you can see the first results. It will depend a lot on the contracted service. If you want to position yourself and see faster results, the effort is greater and therefore the budget will be higher.

Sobre Nosotros y que Hacemos

Wokiseo Invests and develops projects in the sectors of health, sports, travel, events, ecommerce, marketing, advertising, communication, education and leisure. We use creativity and technology to innovate and strengthen new forms of connection between brands and people.

We work with the latest technologies in advertising, digitalization, marketing, social media, influencers, big data, AI etc.

We accelerate consolidated companies and startups.


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