Talent Managment

Specialized in digital talent.

Talent Consulting

We accompany clients in the definition and achievement of their objectives, guaranteeing the maximum involvement of our strategic consulting teams. We work to connect your strategic vision with measurable and quantifiable results in your daily operations.



  • Representation in front of the brands.
  • Search for sponsors
  • Search for national or international collaborations.
  • Organization of trips, hotels, transports and events.
  • Strategic advice in digital marketing, branding or advertising.
  • Advice and technical implementation.
  • Business automation
  • Launching a signature.
  • Start-up of an ecommerce.
  • Management of ecommerce and advertising.
  • Business diversification
  • Legal advice and data protection.
  • Others

Our services


Wokiseo's strategic models help the most influential brands around the world generate measurable results by making winning decisions on the most significant strategic issues.

Transformation of the business model

You have a vision for your business, but do you have the structure to make it a reality? The professionals of the Business Model Transformation line will help you to undertake the necessary changes in order to materialize the strategic vision.

Service operations

Wokiseo's Service Operations help service companies achieve a competitive advantage at all levels of the business. We work closely with clients to link strategic vision to results.
Supply chain

No matter how innovative your business strategy is and however well designed it is, if your operations are not up to the task, the strategy will never come true. The purpose of the Wokiseo Supply Chain practice is to generate value based on the strategy through advisory services that seek to optimize and improve the supply chain.
Fusions and acquisitions

Wokiseo advises institutional investors and private equity investors throughout the entire cycle of the M & A operation. Our comprehensive advisory services in merger, acquisition and divestment operations are customized to adapt to the specific needs of each of our clients.
Any CFO that has carried out financial transformations knows that they are difficult and that they take a long time. They require careful planning, innumerable resources and, sometimes, they can be expensive. However, they are essential to keep the finances up to date with the needs and business strategies, always changing.

If you are interested in the positioning service influencer of Wokiseo or in any of our services, you can request a quote in the form below and an expert from our agency can contact you as soon as possible to advise you on the possibilities of your online brand and the project's budget.

Frequent Asks

Do we have to have a minimum audience to be represented?

We represent all types of content creators that meet the established requirements. For the representation it is usually necessary an important volume of audience that allows us to develop all the potential available in our teams and that achieves the main objective of revaluing the value of the brands that we represent. If it is not your case, do not worry we have a program for the development of talent.

Are you an Agency?

No, we are a service provider that provides solutions to the majority of content creators and influencers needs. We do not have permanence, we work by project. For example representation in an advertising campaign with "brand". Opening of a new ecommerce and advertising campaign launch. Etc.

Meet us

Wokiseo invests and develops projects in the sectors of health, sports, travel, events, ecommerce, marketing, advertising, communication, education and leisure. We use creativity and technology to innovate and strengthen new forms of connection between brands and people.

We work with the latest technologies in advertising, digitalization, marketing, social media, influencers, big data, AI etc.
We accelerate consolidated companies and startups.


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